Group Piano – My child is moving faster than the class

(This post relates specifically to Piano Adventures Level 1 beginning group piano class.)

One of the challenges of doing group piano is that everyone moves at a little bit different pace, and in a classroom setting everyone needs to be kept at about the same place to facilitate group instruction.  
If your child is ready to move along faster than the class, here are some options for you:

  1. Switch to private lessons.
  2. Let your child attempt the next song in the book.  
  3. Purchase supplemental materials and have your child play a few songs from some of these — there are flashcards, Performance book, Christmas songbook, etc.  If you have a beginning book from a different piano method there may be some comparable songs that your child can play.
  4. Towards the bottom of many of the pages in the books are “extra” activities that can be done with the songs.  For example, Lesson Book p. 15 suggests creating clock chimes after playing The Old Clock, p. 16 suggests playing the hands together, rather than one after the other, and p. 17 suggests playing Tightrope Walker on the white keys.
  5. Let your child create “tone poems” on the piano.  Choose a story (it could be from a familiar book) or let the child make up a story and then see if they can use the piano to create the “background” music for the story — or, try to tell the story with music that they create on the piano.  (This is similar to the activity on pp. 4-5 of the Theory book.)

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