Choir Member Jumpstart

Have you been daydreaming about singing in a local community or church choir, but don’t feel like you know where to start? I have a 2-class series of private choir-member-oriented singing lessons for $50. In the lessons we’ll cover choir basics, including:

  • Common choir voice parts, how they are typically laid out in a choir, and which choir voice parts are best suited for your voice.
  • How to follow the lyrics in written music, including multi-verse songs, such as hymns.
  • How to follow the lyrics of a specific voice part.
  • The mechanics of breathing for singing, including diaphragmatic breathing, “no breath” symbols and “catch breaths.”
  • Strategies for making the most of your choir rehearsal and a few tips for how to learn music out of rehearsal, how to use rehearsal tracks, etc.
  • Basic instruction in music reading so that when you look at the black dots on the page you know which ones are for your singing part, and whether the next note is the same note, higher, or lower.
  • Basic instruction in rhythm reading so that when your choir begins counting or tapping you’ll know what is going on!

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