Learn to Sing Harmony

Have you listened to someone sing harmony and wondered How do they *do* that?? Harmony singing is something that can be taught! And it doesn’t involve hours and hours of rote memorization nor does it involve tedious hours of struggling to read music.

The first person I taught to sing harmony was myself, as a young teen. A few years later, I taught my little sister. Since then, I am creating a system that teaches the fundamentals of singing harmony so that anyone who listens to music, sings, and wants to sing harmony can learn how to sing harmony as well.

Lessons in harmony singing are customized to your situation and musical experience. If you have any musical instrument training, then the skills you have developed on your instrument will be used to develop harmony singing skills. (And I mean ANY musical instrument training — feel free to dust off that plastic recorder from elementary school!) If you “just sing,” then I will teach you to sight-sing so that you gain an integral understanding of how scales and harmony works. You will learn the basics of music theory and the fundamentals of reading music so that you can extrapolate that knowledge onto the music you hear, so that selecting a harmony to sing becomes something understandable.

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