Rates & Policies

Private music lessons (in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, solfege, music theory training, etc.):

Paid as single lessons: $35/half-hour

Paid in bulk (more than one lesson per payment): $30/half-hour

Most students pay for lessons monthly. If you want a longer lesson than 30 minutes, the rates increase proportionally, for example, to get rates for a 45-minute lesson, multiply the given rates by 1.5. If you are interested in joint-lessons, group lessons, music class for home-schoolers, etc., please let me know and we can work out a rate structure for other situations.

Travel fee: I can travel to lessons as my schedule permits. Travel time will be charged the same way as lesson time. (I.e. if a location is 15 minutes away and the lesson is 30 minutes long, the charge will be identical as what it would be for a 60 minute lesson.)

Payment types accepted: cash, check, or PayPal (includes credit cards: at http://pay.phxtechgurus.com.

Schedule available: Most students are interested in lessons during the late afternoon and evening hours. In that time frame I schedule lessons on Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings, with make-up lessons generally available every other Friday. If you are looking for a lesson time in the mornings, midday, or early afternoon I may be able to accommodate this Monday – Friday.

Make-up/Missed Lessons Policy: I prefer to select a “standing appointment” with my students for the weekly lesson. I find that this promotes lesson consistency, which is beneficial to the learning process. I also understand that “life happens” — because this also happens to me. Because I am teaching from my home, I am able to have a high level of flexibility. For this reason, as long as I am notified by the student/parent that a lesson will be missed before the start time of the lesson, then that lesson may be rescheduled or made up. If the student/parent notifies me after the scheduled lesson time that it will be missed, then the fee for that lesson is forfeit. Students/parents will be provided with multiple means of contacting me upon enrollment, and any form of contact may be used to let me know that scheduled lesson will be missed. In the event that I miss a scheduled lesson time, it will be made up at a later date at the convenience of the student/family. As long as I am notified in advance of the lesson start time of any missed lessons, the student/family will simply pay for the lessons that occur.

Holiday Schedule: Communication is key when it comes to holidays, school holidays, etc. I will notify the student/parent if I have a conflict due to a holiday, and expect the same in return.

Students/families are expected to purchase/obtain all music books and materials as requested by the teacher.

Covid: I believe that medical information is private. I do not inquire about covid or vaccination status for the purpose of music lessons. In general, if a student is experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease, kindly contact me to reschedule the lesson. Should I be experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease, I will do the same. If I have household members experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease, I will have them self-isolate while I have a student over. I do not recognize masks as an effective means of containing a respiratory illness, and so do not generally use masks or require others to use them. If a student/family has any concerns about covid or other communicable diseases, online lessons are available with videoconferencing software.

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